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Audiovisual ServicesGlass Fusion

Below is a general pricing guide.
Prices vary by color, size and complexity.
Approximately 7" Tall

Fill with water and add floating candle (included)

Use as a vase for fresh flowers

See Available Colors for Baroque Glass

Each piece is unique

Pricing $30 each (smaller sizes priced less)
Illumination Illumination
Illumination Tea Lights
Approximately 2" Tall

Holds tea light candles (4 included)

See Available Colors for Baroque Glass

Each set is unique

Pricing $20 for a set of 4
Inspirational pieces

Created in many shapes and forms

Inquire about the possibilities and pricing!
Freeform Scalloped Bowl

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Phone: 972 294-7502
918 Lakeshore Blvd     Little Elm, TX   75068